Table of Contents

Volume 3, Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality - 2000

Research Papers
Child Sexual Development
Loretta Haroian, Ph.D.
Feb. 1, 2000

Today's Alternative Marriage Styles:
The Case of Swingers
Dr. Curtis Bergstrand and Ms. Jennifer Blevins Williams
Oct. 10, 2000

General Interest Articles

The Language of Sex Positivity
Charlie Glickman

A New View of Women's Sexual Problems
A presentation by Leonore Tiefer, Ph.D. at SSSS

Book Reviews
Annette Fuglsang Owens, MD PhD, Book Review Editor

Sexuality, Society, and Feminism
Editors: Cheryl Brown Travis & Jacquelyn W. White

Eros and Pornography in Russian Culture.
Editors: Marcus C. Levitt & Andrei L. Toporkov.

Brief and Extended Interventions in Sexual Abuse, Second Edition
Robert H. Rencken

Erectile Dysfunction. Integrating Couple Therapy, Sex Therapy, and Medical Treatment
Gerald R. Weeks & Nancy Gambescia

Women's Sexualities. Generations of Women Share Intimate Secrets of Sexual Self-Acceptance
By Carol Rinkleib Ellison, Ph.D.

Sexual Health For Men. The Complete Guide
By Richard F. Spark, M.D.

The Male Body
By Susan Bordo

Nymphomania: A History
By Carol Groneman
Review by Vern Bullough, Ph.D.

The Technology of Orgasm:
"Hysteria," the Vibrator, and Women's Sexual Satisfaction
By Rachel P. Maines
Review by Gina Ogden, Ph.D.

The Penguin Atlas Of Human Sexual Behavior
Sexuality And Sexual Practices Around The World
By Judith Mackay

Teaching Sex: The Shaping of Adolescence in the 20th Century
By Jeffrey P. Moran
Review by David S. Hall, Ph.D.

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