Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 1, August 27, 1998


Making a Transition between Elective Asceticism and Secular Life: A Life-Narrative Study of Former Roman Catholic Nuns.

Jacqueline "Fran" Fisher, Ph.D.


This study reports on the lives of 49 former nuns, 29 of whom were interviewed in depth. It focuses on the sexual aspects of their lives before, during and after they left the convent life. Detailed quotations, and statistical data reveal a significant change in their sexual lives, and that these are emotionally strong women. It shows how they have released themselves from their vow of chastity and how they have discovered themselves as sexual beings  It illustrates that the practice of taking young women (or men) from a childhood of indoctrination and expecting them to make life long commitments and vows in their early 20's is wrong. Many may be called but few choose to be chosen.

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