Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 5, May 31, 2002


Video Review

"When Two Won't Do"


Directed by Maureen Marovitch and David Finch, 2001
90 minutes, $29.95 US
Picture This Productions Inc.
154 Hillcrest St.
Lachine, Quebec
H8R 1J4, Canada

Reviewed by David S. Hall, Ph.D.

This is a very unusual film, made by a young couple who have produced award winning documentary and educational films about a variety of subjects since 1993. When they were considering opening their relationship to others, that is, becoming non-monogamous, they decided to film the whole process. Taking a camera operator and sound technician along on their journeys, they recorded their own thoughts and feelings, the comments of the people they met along the way, and the sometimes brutal honesty of the process comes through clearly.

Maureen and David live in the same house, but in separate parts. They have clearly been together for some time, but have not made the decision to marry, only to live together and be working and sexual partners. Maureen knows she is unable to commit to only one person, David is firmly monogamous, but is willing to explore the possibilities of non-monogamy in a responsible way. While the focus is on exploring polyamory (the philosophy of loving more than one person at a time), they also look into the swinging lifestyle to see if that will meet their needs. They travel to a Lifestyles Convention in Las Vegas, a polyamory conference in New York, and to the homes and lives of polyamorous families and individuals across the US and Canada.

This film is not about sex, and there is no explicit sexual activity in it, but there is clearly a lot of loving going on among a wide assortment of people. There is also a lot of travel, a lot of the film's footage is shot in airports and cars. There are many bumps in the road, some pain and lots of joy and fun. The ending of the film is not the end of the story, but only about what has happened to a couple as they explore the meaning and process of love in their lives. I have no intention on revealing the story line in detail, you will have to view this video yourself and decide for yourself, just as Maureen and David must decide what they want. The people they meet, and the many polyamorous folk who supported the process of making the film but do not appear, are loving and caring people who believe this is a valid alternative to heterosexual monogamous marriage.

This video is an excellent resource for therapists, educators, and anyone living, or considering living in a polyamorous relationship. It is well made, sometimes the camera work is a bit rough, but that is the price of reality video, and this stuff is VERY real. Sometimes life is rough, and loving is not without risks.

There are plans for a study/discussion guide for use in classrooms and other meetings, and for a tour of the US and Canada to introduce the film to many different groups. Consult the web site above for details as they develop.

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