Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 6, Jan. 13, 2003


Accidental Playboy:
Caught in the Ultimate Male Fantasy

By Leif Ueland

Warner Books
312 pages, $24.95
Nov. 2002
ISBN 0-446-52700-9

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Reviewed by Joshua Grossman, M.D., F.A.C.P.

    Fans of Garrison Keillor (National Public Radio N.P.R.: The Writer's Almanac, Prairie Home Companion) who is quoted directly, by Leif Ueland, "All the children are above average;" will respect a playmate-search to "Find the beauty in any candidate."

    Rather than focus on psychosexual activity, Leif Ueland, having attended U.S.C.'s Master's of Professional Writing Program,  provides a seamless weave of four separate and distinct data streams during his traveling on, "The Playmate Search Bus - 2000 and writing 1500 words each and every day for the immediate publication with clothed photos nudity forbidden - on the Playboy Web Site."  These four are:
1. Life on the Playmate-Search-Bus-Tour.
2. Life at the Playboy Mansion.
3.  The personal psychotherapy of Leif Ueland.
4.  The personal post-therapy journaling of Leif Ueland.

    My own personal choice for the finest and most outstanding playmate-candidate was a woman who was, all-at-once:
1. Four months pregnant
2. The mother of a cerebral-palsy afflicted/challenged child.
3. A volunteer at a pediatric AIDS hospital unit.

    My own personal choice for the most appealing and most romantic Playboy-Website-Reader was a gentleman who sent one dozen red roses unsigned to the candidate, "Because her beauty enhanced my day."

    My own personal choice for the most entertaining and most memorable Playmate-Search-Bus-Story was told during a White House tour, "Early in the Clinton Years Bill and Hill hadn't yet learned the full extent of panic buttons in the White House, specifically the ones in the third-floor quarters, next to the bed. One day they accidentally kicked one, causing a squad of agents to blaze into the bedroom, only to interrupt the President and First Lady, who were tangled up in the sheets."

    My own personally suggested cast for the movie Accidental Playboy includes:
1.  Leif Ueland: Tom Hanks
2.  Burt (Psychiatrist of Leif Ueland): Jack Nicholson.
3.  Director of the Movie: M. Night Shyamalon (Signs, Sixth Sense)
4.  The pregnant, pediatric AIDS unit volunteer, mother of a cerebral palsy afflicted and challenged child. Jennifer Lopez, quoted by Leif Ueland, "We're at once obsessed with the behind and simultaneously intent on denying the obsession."

    Accidental Playboy is a must read for:
1. Any individual who has ever been in a relationship
2. Any individual who has ever been in psychotherapy
3. Any individual who has done any journaling
4. Any individual who can relate to the following Leif Ueland quote from a woman, "The difference between having sex with a man and having sex with a boy is that a man makes you feel like a woman, a boy makes you feel like a toy."

    Further, Accidental Playboy is recommended reading for healthcare providers and healthcare providers-in-training with a special focus on our mental health professionals.

    Currently Leif Ueland is living in New York and working on a novel.  I am looking forward to reading it.
Bravo Leif Ueland!