Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 8, Feb. 7, 2005


Movie Review

Stories of OH!
Part 1
Six Sexy Tales of Women in Charge of Their Pleasure
from Libido Films

Review by David S. Hall, PhD

I have just seen the latest DVD to come out of the capable hands of Marianna Beck and Jack Hafferkamp at Libido Films. In fairness I must admit they are some of my favorite people and graduates of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, the publisher of this Journal. I am also a fairly jaded viewer of adult video, having watched a whole lot of it during my education at the Institute and since then.  I am also a sex educator and have looked for examples of good video to use in class. Libido has offered my students special prices on some of their earlier work, and I have no fear in recommending their material.

This set of six stories, showing an interesting collection of real humans with funny names and great sexual styles, is worth buying. The lust shows, the loving shows, and the craftmanship in creating the final product is up to Libido's high standards. A female construction worker with a great set of tattoos and a fine collections of tools starts off the show. Set in the reconstruction of an old house, this puts the TV series on notice that things could be more fun if the government wasn't so uptight. Two interlocking stories take us to a place where all the home design shows and lawyer shows will not go.

My favorite set is with Veronica Monet, a talented speaker, writer, and sex worker. She is interviewed about her life choices and experiences while wearing an interesting and very sexy outfit, but much of the interview is voiced over scenes of Veronica pleasuring herself in various ways. In a very sincere and open way she explains what life as a high priced call girl is like and why she chose it, and no one will wonder why people line up to pay her price. I have had Veronica speak to my classes in person, and the same sincerity shows through in the video that she brings to a speaking engagement. For an educator, this alone is worth the price.

The remaining scenes incorporate web cam technology and take room service to new heights. Each scene is well written and crafted, excellent camera work and production values throughout. Good things still happen in Chicago.

A good buy, click here to tell them EJHS sent you.


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